Oracle Case Study

When Oracle needs images created for in-development hardware, they call us. We’ve got the talent and expertise to create CGI renderings that look and feel real, even when final products haven’t been built yet. They’ve trusted our team with some of the most top-secret products they’ve developed, because they know that we can get the job done on time, on budget, and with the discretion they require.

Case Study: X25 Server


The X25 was in development with the engineering team, but all that had been built was the case. Oracle needed to show the X25 as a finished product with card slots, connection ports, and power cables in place, and they needed the final images within a week for a press release.

How We Did It:

Our photo team went to Oracle’s headquarters to shoot images of the case; however the additional components did not yet exist so we had to render those based on supplied CAD drawings. Once the images were shot and components rendered, we went back to our editing team to begin building the final images, combining the cards, ports, and cables with the existing case. Sales and marketing used the images to drive customer engagement, increase sales, and gain market share.

  1. Product Specs
    The initially supplied CAD files and notes from the Oracle team was all we needed to get started.
  2. Compositing
    Compositing the photographs with the rendered components to create a photo-realistic image of the product
  3. Final Image
    The final image, digitally placed in a city setting, and with added lighting effects.

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