Freewire Case Study


FreeWire Technologies merges beautiful design with innovative ultrafast charging technology to enable the rapid transition to electrification. Their fully-integrated charging solutions deliver energy whenever and wherever it’s needed to reliably meet demand for charging at the grid edge and beyond.

The Challenge:

  • FreeWire wanted to develop a shared company vision, but everyone in the company had a different definition of what that was.
  • We started small, by developing a social media strategy with their team, but as we began to strategize, it was clear FreeWire needed more.
  • FreeWire needed an internal and external understanding of the brand. They needed a mission statement. They needed a tone, voice and style that was all their own. They needed communication, video assets and a website to prove it.
  • Working with the marketing team, we developed a social strategy that reinvigorated their presence. We also created a brand charter with cohesive messaging which led to better understanding and a clearer vision of what FreeWire was all about. A manifesto was created, video assets were edited and the website was updated.

The Results:


A reinvigorated social media presence created more traffic. 5 times more than before.


With 87% more impressions.


Cohesive internal and external messaging led to a shared vision which resulted in $50 million in Series C Funding.


A redesigned website was simpler and easier to navigate and led to an increased audience of 110%.


And Freewire was named on Fast Company’s most innovative companies list in 2022.

Welcome to the energy revolution.