Curious Ant + Binger

Curious Ant
+ Binger

Coming Together

We are thrilled to announce that Curious Ant and Binger have officially joined forces to deliver expanded services to their clients in 2023.

The newly formed alliance of Curious Ant, a relatively new creative, branding, and marketing agency, and Binger, a more established agency with a focus on direct marketing for high-end retail brands, is truly exciting. Curious Ant is known for its innovative thinking, while Binger is celebrated for its deep expertise in the areas of direct marketing creative, marketing, and customer acquisition. Together, they will be able to provide clients with a broad range of bespoke branding, marketing, and creative solutions.

Robert Birnbach, Managing Partner of Curious Ant, is delighted about the partnership with Binger. “This new alliance will provide our clients with innovative services across the board,” said Birnbach. “I am confident our existing and new clients will benefit greatly from this ambitious venture.”

Rick Binger, Founder and Brand + Creative Director of Binger, is also excited about the partnership. “Curious Ant is known for its brand strategy and digital marketing expertise, and Binger is celebrated for its results- and value-focused approach, delivering double-digit revenue increases to retail brands,” said Binger. “Together, we can leverage our collective knowledge and expertise to develop innovative solutions to the most complex challenges. We are committed to creating an environment that fosters collaboration, growth, and future success.

It’s an exciting time for both Curious Ant and Binger, and we can’t wait to showcase all this partnership offers.